Welcome to Murray Music !

Murray Music is a full service music composing and production house located inĀ Austin, Texas “The Live Music Capital Of The World”. Murray Music is also home to the state of the art and world class Murray Music Studios. Murray Music has built a solid reputation in the music world and continues to compose, arrange, produce, supervise, record and license music for award winning motion pictures, documentaries, independent films, advertising, multimedia, corporate and live events. Yeah, we can do all that for you! And more… We also record, mix, produce and master full album CDs for bands, demo sessions for singer/songwriters, and offer voice-over services for books on CD and other narratives. Murray Music is locally owned and operated by long time Austin guitarist/producer/band leader/songwriter David Murray.

Contact us in Austin 512.657-6852

or email info@murraymusic.com

Don’t take our word for it. Here is a partial list of musicians and speakers recorded at Murray Music:

Cyril Neville, Lady Bird Johnson, Mark Andes, Chip Dolan, The Steps, Marc Cruz, Jo Carol Pierce, Javier Chaparro, David Grissom, Joel Guzman, Kira Small, MTV’s “Beavis and Butthead”, Paramount Pictures, The University of Texas, Chris Gage, Chan Chandler, Chris “Whipper” Layton, Billy Wolfe, Kathy Murray, Bill Jones, Bruce Colson, Ben Nippes, Floyd Domino,Tina Mack, Amado Pena, Mary Gordon Spence, Wally Pryor, Gemma Wilson, Mike Hardwick, Bill Carter, Ruth Elsworth, Billy Henry, Carolyn Hagler, JJ Johnson, Brannen Temple, Roscoe Beck, Darden Smith, Monte Warden, Natalie Zoe, Amy Farris, Toni Price, Kristin deWitt, Courtney Wissinger, Gretchen Phillips, Peter Muste, Mike Vernon, Allen Robertson, Phil Ayliffe, Bill Carter, Ruthie Foster, Teye, Michael Ramos, Riley Osborn, Brad Fordham, Lisa Pankratz, George Powell, Marvin Dykhouse, Wendy Colonna, Miss Lavelle White, Brennen Leigh, James Hand, John Mills, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Cid Sanchez, Ricky Broussard, Ephraim Owens, Turk Pipkin, Gus Garcia, Michael Levy, Susan Combs, Brigid Shea, Bill Kirchen, Hannah Hagar, Mike Daily, Marty Muse, Kelly Willis, Bruce Robison, James McMurtry, Ann Richards, Tracy Conover, Glenn Fukunaga, Lou Ann Barton, Paul Pearcy, Cindy Cashdollar, Redd Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball, Carrie Rodriguez, Warren Hood, Mike Cross, Tommy Holden, Tommy Taylor, David Halley, Jupiter 4 (Speak), Steve James, Jon Blondell, Kaz Kazanoff, Nick Connolly, Erik Telford, Guy Monroe, Kirk Watson, Cactus Pryor, Will Sexton, Stephen Bruton, Don Pryor, Bill Small, Dan Butler, Kevin Smith, Bob Livingston, Jeff Fahey, Hector Galan, Pauline Reese, Ricky Broussard, Brian Satterwhite, Trinity Films, Laura Dunn, Danny Levin, Mike Judge, Frosty, Sam Hurt, Wake Eastman, Bill Small, Larry Rone, Greg Whitfield, Malford Milligan, Chaparral, Bill Oliver, Dale Watson, Erik Hokkanen, Bill Oliver, Sara Hamman, Tommy Spurlock, Heather Wiley, Andrea Mitrovich, Jason McMaster, Jason White, Mike Elam, Danny Hawk, Bradley Williams and Meagan Tubb.