Client Quotes

"Working with David on the soundtrack for Nobelity was a great pleasure. He has a positive energy in the studio that creates a great atmosphere for artists and producers alike. He’s got a great ear and he’s a killer guitar player."

Turk & Christy Pipkin,
Producer and Director of "Nobelity".

"David is such a pleasure to work with. Not only is the quality of his work impeccable, but he is a wonderful creative collaborator."

Karen Kocher, Producer of "Austin Past and Present" and "Springs Symphony".

"I love working with David. He brings together super-talented artists, and manages the process with grace and ease. The music he made for our spots was fantastic, and best of all — the client and agency both loved it — which makes my job as the producer that much easier."

Rose Hanson Smith, Co-Producer of “The Unforeseen”

"It was fabulous working with David Murray to create a superb soundtrack for my documentary. From his composing, to finding ideal musicians, to recording, the experience at Murray Music was a smooth, turn key process and great fun. David listens, is responsive, and knows what it takes to get an A-1 job done. He is my one-stop music

Carol Wagner, Producer of "Dressed To Kill, Women Who Hunt".

karen Kocher and David Murray

Chan Chandler, Megan Tubb and David Murray