We capture the moment then set it free for eternity

Murray Music Studios is an over 1000′ square foot state of the art and fully equipped recording facility. We have 3 “iso booths” and a large cutting room that can be used for ensembles and “live” band recordings, all the way up to symphonic groups and choirs. Combine that with our Steinway “B”, wide array of vintage amps, instruments, and mics and you can see why Murray Music Studios is a perfect solution for all your recording needs.

And, Murray Music is more that just great space and gear. The Murray Music team consists of some of the best producers, arrangers, composers, engineers and session players working today.

From concept to master we work closely with our clients and know how to work within your budget to help you deliver your project on schedule.

Take a look below at some of what Murray Music Studios offers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. If we don’t have it in our extensive inventory we are also happy to help you find the gear you need and can arrange rental of any backline items to make your session all you hope it to be.

Digital Performer 6.02 and Pro Tools 8 recording software

The recording console is a Yamaha O2R96, clocked by an Apogee Big Ben.

The cutting room and sound booths have Furman “more me” monitor mixers for the players and singers.

Microphones: Neumann U87 (2), KM184 (2), RCA 44BX ribbon (1), AEA R84 ribbon (1), Rode tube NTK (1), Rode NT (2), AKG D112 (1), Sennheiser 421 (3), Beyer dynamic ribbon 260 (1), Shure Sm57 (2), Shure SM7 broadcast (1), Telefunken dynamic mis (2)

Pre amps: Neve 1272 (2), Universal Audio 6176 (1), Peavey VMP (1), 24 channels Yamaha O2R96.

Compressors: Empirical Labs EL8 (2) Yamaha O2R96, PSP Vintage Warmer plug in, Mark of the Unicorn plug ins.

Studio monitors: Mackie HR824, Yamaha NS10M, JBL Control 1, JBL computer monitors.

Sound effects library: “The Hollywood Edge”.

We have a 1910 Steinway “B” Grand piano, an 80’s Sonar drum kit, assorted percussion instruments and a very nice selection of guitars, amps and effects.

Piano Room

Matchless Amplifier